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About Horizons Consulting

Our team is the key difference from other Multistate Tax Consulting firms. In the end, it is about experience and the ability to leverage that experience into practical advice which can save clients multistate tax savings.

Horizons Consulting LLC works with start-ups to fortune 500 companies to assist in their needs for multistate tax planning, audit litigation, transaction review and day to day multistate tax consulting needs.

Founded in 2011 by Big Four partners, Horizons Consulting has helped hundreds of CPA firms, law firms, consulting firms, property tax firms with their clients’ multistate tax challenges and day to day needs.  The focus is always to leverage our deep experience to provide practical approaches and minimize multistate tax burdens. 

Horizons Consulting can solve your multistate tax issues. We have experience with the small mom and pop operations to very complex cloud based digital software and services companies and can help navigate the multistate tax challenges impacting business models, multistate tax risks, customer care issues, audit challenges and day to day consulting needs.

Horizons Consulting LLC represents diversified industries from all sectors of the economy. Our team's multistate tax consulting has resulted in significant multistate tax savings/reductions in the energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical, construction, building materials, steel and piping, industrial manufacturing industries, software developers, cloud based services, digital services, service industry, retail, and healthcare.

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